The IQOS CLUB offers you a number of benefits. Every registered IQOS user who has granted his/her consent to receiving additional information about IQOS can make use of the benefits of the IQOS CLUB.

The IQOS CLUB offers lots of benefits:

  • Reward of 22 EUR to purchase goods on or in our IQOS Stores for recommending IQOS to adult smokers during a period of 30 days after your IQOS CLUB code is sent to your email address. After this period the reward stays at 8 EUR.
  • Exclusive discount offers for purchases of IQOS devices and accessories.
  • Invitations to VIP events
  • Useful tips and tricks for maximum enjoyment of IQOS
  • You will be the first to find out about IQOS limited editions and new HEETS flavours

How can you become a member of the IQOS CLUB?

If you are a new registered user and you have agreed to the receiving of additional information about IQOS and your IQOS device is registered, we will send you a unique IQOS CLUB code within 14 days, and from then on you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits.
If you do not receive your code, contact our IQOS Customer Care Centre on the toll-free number 0800 400 600.

What reward can I get for a referral?

Adult smokers you refer will receive an immediate EUR 8 discount on the purchase of a registration IQOS kit via an IQOS Partner or in our stores
For each new IQOS user, you will receive a gift voucher worth EUR 8, which you can use when making purchases on During the first 30 days after your IQOS CLUB code is sent to your email address, you will obtain a reward of up to EUR 22 for each IQOS user referral.

How is it possible to obtain a reward for myself and for adult smokers I know?

1. Introduce IQOS to adult smokers you know who have not yet made use of a discount offer for purchasing an IQOS kit. The better you explain to them all of the benefits that IQOS offers, the higher the chance that your friends will buy IQOS and you will obtain a reward.
2. Give your friends your IQOS CLUB code, which they can use when buying an IQOS registration kit from an IQOS Partner or in our stores.
3. You will find a list of our stores here. To arrange a meeting with an IQOS Partner, recommend to your friends to give us their contact details via the form in the TRY section.
4. If your friends use your IQOS CLUB code when buying an IQOS kit, they will obtain an immediate EUR 8 discount for purchase of a registration IQOS kit, and you will obtain EUR 8 (or EUR 22 within 30 days from sending your IQOS CLUB code to your email address) to purchase any goods at or in our IQOS Stores.
5. You will receive a gift voucher from us every month, the total value of which will correspond to the number of uses of your IQOS CLUB code.**


Would you like to recommend your IQOS Partner and obtain a reward of EUR 22?
Did you buy IQOS via an IQOS Partner and would you like to recommend your IQOS Partner to your friends?

All you have to do is send a text message to the telephone number +421902020539 in the following format:
[your IQOS CLUB code] [your friend's telephone number] (in international format without +).
For example:
12345ABC 421111222333

If you do not want to continue receiving information about special offers for members of the IQOS CLUB, you can unsubscribe here

*Philip Morris Slovakia s.r.o. reserves the right to modify the conditions of this program at any time or to terminate the program.
You will be informed of this fact.
The IQOS CLUB code can only be used to purchase IQOS registration offers, via IQOS Partners or in our stores.
To use it, the IQOS CLUB code needs to be presented when making a purchase.
Rewards for referrals on the basis of use of the IQOS CLUB code will be sent in the form of gift vouchers to the email address specified when registering on
The value of the voucher will depend on the number of uses of the IQOS CLUB code over the previous calendar month.
Vouchers will be issued up to a maximum value of EUR 24 and will be sent out by no later than the 15th day of the next calendar month.
Each individual voucher can only be used for one item in your shopping cart on
In the event that the value of the voucher exceeds the value of the item, the residual value of the voucher cannot be used for other items in the shopping cart.
It is not possible to use more than one voucher for purchasing one item.
If a purchaser, who made use of a discount when making a purchase via the IQOS CLUB, subsequently withdraws from the agreement, the right to the reward will be forfeited.
If a purchaser withdraws from the agreement in a calendar month following the month when a gift voucher was issued, the reward for that purchase will be deducted from the rewards in the next calendar month.

**You will always receive gift vouchers for purchases during the previous calendar month.
Up to 30 days from when you receive your IQOS CLUB code, you will be given a voucher worth EUR 22 for each use of your IQOS CLUB code.

The maximum value of the gift voucher is EUR 24.

If your IQOS CLUB code is used more than once, you will be sent the relevant number of gift vouchers up to a maximum value of EUR 24 and a gift voucher for the remaining value.

Do you have any further questions?

Contact our IQOS Customer Care Centre on toll-free number 0800 400 600 or write to us at [email protected]

Processing of personal data
Please note that your personal data that you voluntarily provided upon registration will be processed in accordance with the PMI Privacy Notice for consumers.
You can withdraw your consent to the sending of additional information at any time on your profile at, by clicking on the link here or by contacting the IQOS Customer Care Centre on toll-free number 0800 400 600, or you can write to us at [email protected]