IQOS is a better choice

Find out why IQOS is a better choice

Have you ever thought of comparing IQOS and regular cigarettes in terms of the amount of harmful substances? We are sure you will be surprised.



Heating versus burning

Most of the harmful substances in a common cigarette occur as a result of tobacco burning at a high temperature. In IQOS, tobacco is not burned, it is only heated. Thus, the amount of harmful substances is significantly lower. Watch the video with a test showing the difference between cigarette smoke and IQOS aerosol.




IQOS for a better life 

And what are the personal feelings and experiences of the IQOS users? You probably won’t be surprised that they are not missing classical cigarettes at all. Listen to them talking about their life free of ash, with less lingering odor and less staining on teeth.


IQOS pre lepší život


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