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On your way from cigarettes to IQOS, you will soon enjoy the benefits that a smoke-free world offers. Watch videos and learn from other adult users how IQOS has gradually changed their lives for the better!


On your way from cigarettes to IQOS, you will soon enjoy the benefits that a smoke-free world offers. Watch videos and learn from other adult users how IQOS has gradually changed their lives for the better!



Immediately better feel

Just a few days of using IQOS and you will recognize the change. Maybe you will be able to walk up the stairs more comfortably than before or stop losing your breath when running and doing other activities. You also may notice that you are no longer accompanied by the ubiquitous smell of cigarettes that has annoyed people around you. Play testimonials of IQOS users and you will hear that it is not just a myth.


Switching completely to IQOS presents less risk to your health than continuing to smoke.

IQOS emits 95% less harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes.*

Important information: IQOS is not risk-free. It delivers nicotine, which is addictive. 


*Average reductions in levels of a broad range of harmful chemicals (excluding nicotine) compared to the smoke of a reference cigarette (3R4F). It does not necessarily equal a 95% reduction in risk.



For the change, You are not on Your own

Would you like to try or borrow IQOS first? The IQOS partner will adjust to your time management and he/she will explain you everything about use, cleaning and maintenance of a device at a personal meeting. As you can see in the video, IQOS users appreciate both friendly approach and comprehensible presentation. And no one will push you into buying. On the contrary, IQOS can be borrowed for free for up to a week from an IQOS partner or in our stores. If you borrow IQOS for a week you are entitled to purchase of 6 tobacco sticks packages for a special price. Watch the testimonials of IQOS users.



The change is worth trying

Transition to IQOS may not be easy at the very beginning. New IQOS users mention a different tobacco taste and they tend to combine IQOS with cigarettes in the first days. Well, heated tobacco really tastes different from what you were used to. Cigarettes burn tobacco while IQOS only heats it. But believe us, getting over your past habits will pay off in the end. IQOS users have shared their own experience and feelings with us when switching from cigarettes to IQOS.



Your IQOS, Your style

IQOS is not just a better alternative to cigarettes for adult smokers who want to continue using tobacco. It is also a design accessory that an adult user can customize to suit his or her personality and preferences. Choose from a wide colour range of top covers, pocket charger doors or top-quality leather cases. In addition, you can always rely on professional service and customer care that will always try to comply with your wishes. See what accessories IQOS users like best and what their personal experience with our customer care is.



Even people around You can feel relieved

The benefits of IQOS will be appreciated not only by yourself but also by people around you. Some users are happy they can use IQOS in their cars or at home. They have also become much more pleasant companions for their loved ones and do not bother anybody with cigarette smoke anymore. Listen to testimonials of IQOS users where they describe the positive reactions of people around them.



A better feeling from Yourself

Still hesitating? Just try IQOS and you will immediately recognize one of its biggest advantages that will convince you 100%. It is the effect IQOS has on the human body. Users appreciate better stamina and performance when playing sports and they praise less running out of breath and coughing and above all the willingness to participate again in active life.



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